Bring In Nordstrom


Brisbane heavy music heavyweights, A Breach Of Silence have pulled out the big guns for their latest recording effort.  Sparing no expense, the band has flown in Fredrik Nordstrom to supervise the recording of their brand new project tentatively titled Album #2.

Followers of A Breach Of Silence will remember that Fredrik Nordstrom and long term collaborator Henrik Udd worked their audio magic on the band’s previous album release, Dead Or Alive.  Needless to say, after rave reviews and overwhelming fan support, we are happy to have them back and on Aussie soil to do it again.

Fredrik Nordstrom has a host of other superstar acts under his credit; recording, mixing and mastering for the likes of Bring Me The Horizon, Buried In Verona, Adept as well as the new releases for Architects and I Killed The Prom Queen.

Stay tuned to for the latest info on the brand new album by A Breach Of Silence.

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