Bayharbour Clip In The Can


On behalf of Bayharbour, Mannequin Republic would like to thank all you mad fanatics who came out the take part in the video shoot for the upcoming release off the band’s new album, Reawaken.

Your enthusiasm and positive feedback to the new track and being a part of the filming has made it an incredible experience and one that will surely come through when the final product is released.

Of course none of this could have happened without the hard work put in by the David Blackley from Her Name Is Murder Productions, who set up the cameras and got it all on tape and will do the hard yards with the editing and post-production as well.  Also Jordan from J.Gump Productions for setting the stage and taking care of the lighting.

Special thanks again to Tall Poppy Productions for the use of the venue, it provided an excellent setting to capture the feel of the current underground music scene in Brisbane.

We can not wait to share the finished product with you all in the very near future.  In The meantime check out the official Facebook pages of Her Name Is Murder, J.Gump Productions and Tall Poppy Studios.

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