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A Night In Texas Review

Posted on by Mannequin Republic


Controversial new Facebook group “I Probably Hate Your Band” have been throwing down the hammer on bands across Australia, leading the charge in uncensored, unfiltered reviews of many Aussie underground music acts.

Making a rare appearance in the “live review” category, Mannequin Republic signees A Night In Texas were put under the microscope for a recent live gig.  Where other bands may be sweating bullets, A Night In Texas aced the test scoring an overall 9 of 10.

Amongst the high points for A Night In Texas were and overwhelming praise for the drum skills of Rick Fieldhouse, the vocal range of Rheese Peters and compliments to all the strings on their tight shredding ability.

The review ends in “in summary, these guys utterly destroy live, if you get the chance to see them, f***ing do so!”  We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

Make sure you check the full … more...

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Nightdragonzz Reunite

Posted on by Mannequin Republic


A special easter egg for Road To Ransome fans has just been released.

Long before their addition to the Road To Ransome line up, vocalist Dylan Cottee and brand new guitarist Bradley Maddaford were part of a local metalcore band called Forever Ends Today.  Reunited in Road To Ransome has brought back some old memories, so Dylan and Bradley have done a retake of their track “Nightdragonzz” in Dylan’s home studio.

What’s old is new again and the chemistry is hasn’t been lost.  Check out their work on YouTube at and hear the re-take of “Nightdragonzz” as performed by Dylan and Bradley.

Also, make sure you stay tuned for more crazy new stuff from their current band, Road To Ransome.… more...

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Timmy Clocks Out

Posted on by Mannequin Republic


Mannequin Republic would like to thank Tim Westwood for all his hard work and effort with Save The Clock Tower over the last few years.

The band made the announcement recently that Tim will be taking time away from the band in the hopes of concentrating on his solo projects, which fans of Save The Clock Tower will surely be familiar with.

As of now, Joel Hallam, Luke Vaessen, Alex Mcnulty and Owen Broad will go forward as a 4 piece and carry on as aggressive as ever with the upcoming release of their debut album Wasteland on Bullet Tooth Records.

We certainly wish Tim all the best with his new projects.… more...

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A New Dead Or Alive Review

Posted on by Mannequin Republic


A Breach Of Silence are still turning heads with their 2013 full length album, Dead Or Alive,  as it continues to spread to new international audiences.  A new piece from Canadian reviewer Phil Lisotti has heaped more praise on the last studio release from A Breach Of Silence.

The review focuses mostly on a vocal critique of the metalcore genre as a whole, with the clean vocals of bass player Blair Layt being marked as the stand out feature of the A Breach Of Silence sound and separating them from the pack of other recent metalcore releases.

“There Will Be Blood”, the first single off the album, was cited as the stand out track of Dead Or Alive, again pushing Blair’s clean vocals as the main selling point for the song.

Thanks to Phill for taking the time to publish his review of A Breach Of Silence.  The … more...

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Iwrestledabearonce In Melbourne

Posted on by Mannequin Republic


American hardcore heavyweights Iwrestledabearonce are making there way back to Melbourne as part of their 2014 Australia wide tour alongside Mannequin Republic’s own This Fiasco on March 30.

Moshlords and scene players across Melbourne, make your way down to the OLP Ringwood (4 Wilana Street, Ringwood) on Sunday March 30 for a special afternoon performance featuring Iwrestledabearonce from the USA.

Also on the line up are Glorified, Caulfield, Jack The Stripper, Autumn In Alaska and of course This Fiasco as they unleash the best Australia’s underground heavy music scene has to offer with the help from our American friends.

This event is all ages, so bring your mates and rock out with us in Melbourne.  Special pre-sale tickets available through This Fiasco, so contacting them right now through their Facebook page at for cheaper entry!

See more on our events page.… more...

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