Warped Photos


Massive thanks to everyone who came out to support Road To Ransome as they played the opening set of Brisbane’s Warped Tour for 2013.  It was a great feeling to perform on that stage.

Not to worry for anyone who missed it, there were several awesome people in the crowds with cameras who captured bits of the action.

You can check out several photos of Road To Ransome rocking the Van’s Warped Tour at Music Feeds who specialise in all things related to the Aussie music scene.  See their long list of photos from the event as captured by Rebecca Reid at http://musicfeeds.com.au/photos/vans-warped-tour-australia-2013-rna-showgrounds-brisbane-29112013/.

You can also see several crisp shots of the band on Metal Obsession, another Australian run music website focused on anything and everything heavy music related.  Check out the fine photos that Amanda Brenchley got of the band at http://www.metalobsession.net/2013/11/30/warped-tour-rna-showgrounds-brisbane-29-11-13/.

Thank you to Rebecca and Amanda for putting in the long hours and not forgetting your cameras like the rest of us.

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