Bayharbour In Bombshell


Brisbane Metalcore act Bayharbour has been popping up all over the radar since their signing with Mannequin Republic in the Autumn of 2013.  With the addition of a new vocalist, major shows with Hundredth and Every Time I Die and a brand new live video clip out, everyone has something to say about Bayharbour.

Another person who had something to say about Bayharbour is the editor in chief of Bombshell online magazine, who was gracious enough to write a quick blurb about the band and promote the release of the video clip for their song “Plague.”

You can read the article at

For those who don’t already know, Bombshell is a New South Wales based independent e-zine which covers all sorts of rock, punk and hardcore music goodness.  We strongly suggest you check out their website at

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