Snitchstagram Success


Major thanks to everyone who came out to party with our boys Road To Ransome as they headlined the October 24 edition of Snitch.

It was a wild, rough and tumble evening out, but we appreciate all you fanatics who stuck around and took part in the early listening session to some of the new tunes Road To Ransome will be recording shortly.

We’d also like to thank the fine folks at Destroy All Lines and the X & Y Bar for doing the hard work behind the scenes to keep the party going.  Also the bands who got to showcase their talents with us, including Wanderer, Revelations, Abel Tasman and Chyeah Roy.

Road To Ransome will be hitting the studio soon to lay down some of their new material.  In the meantime keep your eyes on their official Facebook page at for their next live dates.

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