Nigel Jolly On The Cover


Perth based photographer Caleb MacIntyre has been applying his art to the local underground rock and hardcore music scene for the last couple of years, snapping crazy cool shots of local Perth acts, national visiting bands and international hardcore stars.

During This Fiasco’s last national Unbound Tour, the band was snapped by Caleb as they rocked out at Beat Night Club on August 8.  The shot of bass player Nigel Jolly jump kicking during their set has since garnered major recognition in Western Australia.

The photo was chosen as the centerpiece for the poster of the 2013 Kiss My Camera music photography event at the Western Australian Museum.

The photo was also used again recently in The Sunday Times newspaper in Perth during October to promote the Kiss My Camera event.

Congratulations to Caleb MacIntyre for the success he’s had recently and massive props to all his hard work and dedication capturing these awesome live bands in action.  You can check out Caleb’s work on his official Facebook page at

You can also see what “Nitro Nige” and the gang at This Fiasco are up to on their official Facebook page at

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