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A few months ago, Road To Ransome looked quite different with their original vocalist Benny Cosson screaming up front and synth player Bec Embers working the keys.  Although they have moved on to new cities with new projects, they will always be part of Road To Ransome.

Although no longer performing with Road To Ransome, Bec and Benny are still up to some very creative stuff.

Check out this very original project from Benny, which he wrote and performed with music written by Marv Attaxx.  The song is titled “Stargazer (The God Who Fell From The Sky)” and is based on the cargo cult built up around soldiers who landed on the Melanesian Islands during World War II.

Some other names from Road To Ransome’s past were involved as well, with the video being filmed and edited by Caitlin Boland of KTB Designs and sound engineer Joel Adams  of Malice Audio had a hand in the music production as well.

You can see the full video at

Also, check out Bec in her new project, Danger! Earthquake! out of Melbourne where she goes back to her old tricks on the synth.  See their debut track and video clip on YouTube at

Mannequin Republic is proud to see these two continue to put out new material and be a part of our Aussie underground music scene.  Keep coming back to for more updates Road To Ransome, past, present and future.

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