Wasteland On The Way


The pride of Tasmanian post-hardcore, Save The Clock Tower, are making good progress with their first full album, Wasteland, which has just wrapped up the initial recording process.

As of press time, Owen Broad has pounded out his part on Drums, Luke Vaessen has screamed through his vocal track, Joel Hallam and Tim Westwood shredded through their guitar riffs and Alex McNulty kept it heavy for his bass recording, which officially wraps the tracking for the album.

On behalf of the band, Mannequin Republic would like to thank the top blokes over at Fatlip Studios in Devonport, Tasmania, for getting the job done to start what could be the top Aussie alternative album for 2014.

The tracks are now in transit to the States where Will Putney will put his artful touches to the mixing and mastering at The Machine Shop in Belleville, New Jersey.

We’re all looking forward to seeing Will Putney in action and can’t wait until Wasteland is officially released in the near future on Bullet Tooth Records.

In the meantime, check out Save The Clock Tower’s first studio diary featuring Owen and his mad drum skills on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8r0A0hTp3TM.

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