Wasteland Studio Diary 1


Save The Clock Tower have been hard at work in the studio recording the tracks for their debut album, Wasteland, coming out on Bullet Tooth Records later in the year.  To keep you fanatics up to date they decided to release a string of studio diaries to see what the lads have been up to.

In part 1, drummer Owen Broad does his bit to lay down some sweet drum tracks at Fatlip Studios in Devonport, Tasmania with recorder Dave Venter.

The video gives you a quick look around the studio, a little insight on Owen’s drumming and recording process as well as Luke, Tim, Joel and Alex involved in general chaos that is to be expected with any major debut album from Tasmania set for release on an American record label.

Make sure you check out the first part of Save The Clock Tower’s Wasteland Studio Diary on YouTube right now at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8r0A0hTp3TM.

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