Save The Press Clippings


Fanatics around Australia have been hearing a lot about the recent signing of Save The Clock Tower to American record label Bullet Tooth Records with the story popping up all across social media for the local music industry.

The press fall out from the announcement has generated a buzz not just in Australia and America but around the world.

Locally, the 5 lads from Launceston were featured in Tasmanian newspaper, Th Examiner, praising the bands rise to the top.  You can read the story at

Our Portuguese speaking friends are well aware of the signing after the story broke in Brazilian punk, hardcore and rock webazine by writer Leandro Santos.  That story can be seen at

And very recently the announcement made it’s way to Finland via Finnish rock, metal and hardcore zine Kaaos.  The blurb was written by Teemu Hakala and can be read at

The world is expecting big things from Save The Clock Tower and Joel, Tim, Luke, Alex and Owen are all working hard to make Wasteland a stand out album for years to come.

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