Fans 4 Mannequin

The independent music support organisation known as Fans 4 Bands has released a brand new compilation disc.  The goal of this digital release is to introduce fans of hardcore music to new bands from all around the world.

Mannequin Republic is pleased that two of our bands are featured on this excellent compilation project.  Along with 13 other incredible underground punk, rock and hardcore bands, you can check out the last single, “The Way We Were” from Tasmanian post-hardcore sensations Save The Clocktower and the hot track “Achromatize” from our Melbourne based rising stars This Fiasco.

You fanatics may also notice a few familiar names on this release as well, including our mates Prepared Like A Bride and Ocean Grove, amongst many other hot and talented alternative music acts.

You can download this album absolutely free in either MP3 or FLAC format and get a taste of modern heavy music from around the world.  Go to and download your free copy today.

Special thanks to Mario Trevizo and Matt Destefano for putting together this Fans 4 Bands project and including Mannequin Republic on the liner notes.  We look forward to seeing more from Fans 4 Bands in the future.

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