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New Cymbals For Solway

Posted on by Mannequin Republic


On behalf of Jake Solway, drummer extraordinaire for Brisbane post-hardcore act Road To Ransome, Mannequin Republic would like to thank the fine folks over at Saluda Cymbals for the delivery of 2 new cymbals.

Jake is now the proud owner of a brand new China cymbal from Saluda after his last one was destroyed.  He has also added a killer new bell cymbal to the mix.  Both cymbals come from Saluda’s Earthworks series and have clear open tones that will make you move in the pits.

Saluda Cymbals has been a sponsor or Road To Ransome since 2012 and continue to provide excellent gear for the band.  We encourage you to check them out online at and see the awesome work they do.… more...

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T-shirt In Exile

Posted on by Mannequin Republic


Mannequin Republic’s latest addition to our growing national roster, Paradise In Exile, have a special offer for all you fanatics.

The Perth based post-hardcore act has printed a limited number of black and white t-shirts featuring a photo of vocalist Josh Sardana playing to a live crowd.

This special edition t-shirt is available right now for only $15.  Get yours today on the band’s official Big Cartel website at or grab one at a live show near you while they are still available.… more...

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Tyde Voted In

Posted on by Mannequin Republic


Thanks to all you fanatics and Tydons out there, you’ll get another chance to see the new Trinatyde earlier than expected as they play the opening slot with Grimsday on their upcoming Brisbane show.

This awesome show not only features Trinatyde and headliners Grimsday, but also the always impressive Lynchmada, Dawn Heist coming up from New South Wales, Ignite The Chamber and Daywalker.

It all goes down on Saturday, June 29 at Brisbane’s Beetle Bar (350 Upper Roma Street) from 6:00 pm.  Entry is $15.  Buckle yourself in for a long heavy night of some red hot Aussie metal and a selection of some of the best live heavy bands on the circuit.

See more on our events page.… more...

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Feel Dean’s Heart

Posted on by Mannequin Republic


Proving to be one of the most popular songs of 2013, “Can You Feel My Heart” by English hardcore metal act Bring Me The Horizon has gotten another rendition on YouTube, this time by Ghosts On Broadway frontman Dean Vassallo.

This track was recently covered by Road To Ransome drummer Jake Solway as part of his Elegies side project.  Now, Dean gives the track a go with his own raw interpretation of the song.

Make sure you check out his vocal cover right now on YouTube at  Share it, rate it, comment on it and let Dean know you want to hear more vocal covers from him and the gang over at Ghosts On Broadway.… more...

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Wear The Clocktower

Posted on by Mannequin Republic


Launceston’s best band, Save The Clocktower, have just released some hot new merchandise on time to keep you warm this winter.

Available to the public for the first time are the awesome “Save The Clocktower” embroidered snapback baseball caps, featuring a sexy script Save The Clocktower logo in red on a black and grey cap.  Only $40!

Also new for the winter season is the super warm Save The Clocktower “wasteland” sweat shirt in grey featuring a black globe screen print on the front.  Get one of your own for $50.

You can also get your hands on the remaining “Human Condition” t-shirts for $20 each.

Just go over to Save The Clocktower’s Big Cartel store at and stock up on some new gear for the long winter mosh.… more...

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