Teaser For Quitters

A few months ago, As Paradise Falls played a packed out live show at Brisbane’s favourite scene club night, Snitch.  During that event, the cameras were rolling for As Paradise Fall’s as they filmed a live video clip for their single “Rehab Is For Quitters.”

The video is still in the editing process, but to wet you appetite, the band has decided to release a short trailer on YouTube to get you excited about what’s coming up.  In the trailer you can see a few choice highlights on the band’s antics and the hardcore moshing that goes along with it.

To see the teaser, get over to YouTube right now at http://www.youtube.com/watch?&v=Wp3sNhhHvpo.

Thanks to Luke McClean of Art For Albums + Shots For Bands who pieced together the teaser and took the video footage.  Check out more of Luke’s work on Facebook at facebook.com/ShotsForBands.

As Paradise Falls are still on hiatus, but stay tuned to mannequinrepublic.com.au for the latest information on their return to take Australia’s hardcore, metal and underground rock scene by storm.

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