Split In Paradise

As Paradise Falls have announced that the band will be making some major changes this year in their line up and sound.

Over the past several months as the band’s sound progressed a creative rift began to emerge in the song writing and presentation of the music.  Consummate professionals, all members of the band sat down and came to an agreement.

Vocalist Ravi Sherwell and guitarist Danny Kenneally have decided to push forward with As Paradise Falls as they originally envisioned it while Chris Bourke, Daniel Roberts and Jake Bowen will be stepping away from the band to make room for new members.

All members of As Paradise Falls would like to assure you fans that the separation is entirely mutual and their are no hard feelings between anyone in the band, it is simply due to creative differences.

Rumours are already circulating that Chris, Jake and Daniel will be remaining together to form their own band, which we at Mannequin Republic will be very excited to hear.

Meanwhile, As Paradise Falls will be on a temporary hiatus until they can reform their line up and solidify their set to play more live shows.

The new incarnation of As Paradise Falls will continue to be managed by Mannequin Republic Band Management and continue to support their great sponsors at Salgia Seven Clothing, History Clothing, True Destroyer Apparel and Collision Drumsticks.

The band’s last official show with this line up was March 23 at Brisbane’s Waiting Room as part of the East Meets West Tour.  As Paradise Falls plan to be back in action soon, so stay tuned to mannequinrepublic.com.au for the latest updates.

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