End To East Meets West Weekender

Mannequin Republic would like to thank everyone who contributed to our successful mini-tour featuring our own This Fiasco up from Melbourne along with Paradise in Exile and Common Bound coming over from Perth.

All the bands who were part of the events in Byron Bay, Brisbane and Toowoomba made this the most epic weekend so far in 2013, including Ambitions, Of Frail Wings, We, The Relentless and three more bands from our own roster, As Paradise Falls, The Endless Pandemic and Road to Ransome.

Thanks to YAC Rock Cafe and LPD Bookings for their work and of course our awesome sponsors Collision Drumsticks and History Clothing.  Also thanks to Jeremy M Harris photography for the photos he took of the tour and PJ Pantelis from BigPants Photography&Video for following This Fiasco all the way from Melbourne to document the tour.

Needless to say it would have all been for nothing if you mad mosh lords hadn’t shown up to enjoy the fruits of the Australian live hardcore and rock scene.  Many thanks to everyone who packed out Brisbane’s Waiting Room beyond capacity and the heaving masses that nearly shook apart The Grid in Toowoomba.  For Byron Bay, it may not have been big, but it was mighty thanks to everyone who made time to rock out.

We thank you all and look forward to doing it again real soon.

Stay tuned to mannequinrepublic.com.au for the latest tour news on Australia’s underground metal scene.

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