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Unheard Road To Ransome

Posted on by Mannequin Republic

Brisbane hardcore shooting stars, Road To Ransome, have been putting in the hard yards to redefine their sound with the addition of new vocalist Dylan Cottee and the departure of keys player Bec Geldens.

The band’s new material is darker, richer and becoming more refined.  Now you can hear Road To Ransome’s latest effort on a special video of  the yet to be released track, “Slender’s Mansion.”

This new, unreleased track is currently in the band’s live set list as fans of Road To Ransome are aware.  This video is of the track’s debut performance at the 2013 Screamfest, which you can see for free on YouTube at

Also, take a look at a special live video of Road To Ransome’s last official single, “The Messenger” from later the same set at Screamfest 2013 by going to

Both videos were shot and produced by the awesome … more...

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Nathan Hibbott Fined For Being Sexy

Posted on by Mannequin Republic

Road To Ransome lead guitarist and emerging vlog sensation, Nathan Hibbott has forced himself on the public once again.  After the success of his Harlem Shake video, Nathan took things a step further by performing a public striptease.

With nothing but a smile and a mate with a boombox, Nathan set up shop in the middle of Brisbane’s Queen Street Mall and perform to “Sexy and I Know It.”  The act drew in a large audience, many of whom seemed to enjoy Nathan’s efforts.

The video has earned him over 10,000 hits on YouTube and also a whopping big fine by the local Queensland Police Force.

To see this episode of That’s So Nathan, head over to YouTube right now at

If you have seen the video already and would like to help Nathan cover his costs with the cops, please donate via PayPal to the Nathan Hibbott more...

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Revelations For Nicole

Posted on by Mannequin Republic

Melbourne based post-hardcore band This Fiasco has been tearing up the underground rock scene across Australia since the new year, with tours, major support slots and new music coming out soon, but that still isn’t enough for clean vocalist and guitarist Nicole Keighery.

Nicole is featured on a brand new track from Melbourne based hardcore act, Ambrosia.  The band invited Nicole to use her sweet and soothing tones on their latest effort entitled “Revelations.”  This is the first single from their upcoming EP, Consequences, which is due out in the near future.

The track was produced by Chris Vernon who also recoded and mixed “Revelations” for the band.  Fans in Victoria know Chris as one of the leading independent producers in the area, mixing and recording many of Melbourne’s up and coming metal and hardcore acts.

Hear the track right now for free on YouTube by going to  … more...

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Road To New Merchandise

Posted on by Mannequin Republic

Road To Ransome is rocking out harder than ever for 2013.  Now, you can too with their awesome new t-shirts available exclusively on the band’s Big Cartel web store.

There are 3 new designs to choose from, including the 3/4 sleeve baseball tee featuring the cover art of their Meanwhile, In The Sky… EP on a white base with black sleeves.

The brand new Horse design showcases loud, colourful artwork of a martian horse breaking it’s chains with a neo-soviet designed text spelling out “Road To Ransome” on black, 100% cotton.

The final addition to the new merch is the heather grey cotton t-shirt, which features the double “R” Road To Ransome logo on the left breast side with the large print “Survival Is All We Have Grown To Know” block text design on the back.

The t-shirts are available starting from $20 at  Make sure you pick … more...

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Rheese Under Glass

Posted on by Mannequin Republic

The Endless Pandemic’s lead vocalist, Rheese Peters, is at it again with another home produced cover video.

This time, Rheese puts his vocal talents towards the epic Suicide Silence track “Girl Of Glass.”  Fans of Suicide Silence and The Endless Pandemic will agree it’s a fitting tribute to the untimely passing of Mitch Lucker.

The hear the cover, go to YouTube right now at and listen to Rheese keep his vocals keyed up for the insane schedule The Endless Pandemic has coming up for you fanatics this year.… more...

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