Yoshy Leaves Trinatyde

Trinatyde lead guitarist and co-founding member, Josh Ingram has announced that he will no longer be performing with the band.  Mannequin Republic is sorry to see his departure as are the many fans of this truly Australian metal band.

Josh is has voluntarily left Trinatyde so his personal schedule would not interfere with the band’s ambitions to record and tour.  The parting was left on good terms and we still expect to see Josh back to support the band on special projects.  He will always be a member of the team.

Tydons can be reassured that this will not stop the band from going forward.  Original members Dan and Matt along with fresh blood Jay and OJ have big plans for the new face of Trinatyde and will be looking for a lead guitarist to fill Josh’s shoes.

You can read Josh’s full statement on Trinatyde’s Facebook page here.

We would like to thank Josh for his hard work and dedication to Trinatyde and wish him all the best on his future projects.

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