Zombie Raptors Unplugged

Brisbane’s hardcore shooting stars, Road To Ransome, have undergone a couple line up changes in the last couple months, including the major substitution of Dylan Cottee for frontman Ben Cosson, who has stepped away from the band to pursue other interests.

But, before retiring his duties from Road To Ransome, Ben had one final surprise for all you Ransome fanatics out there.  Ben recorded a completely clean, acoustic version of one of the band’s first big tracks, “Zombie Raptors?! We’re F***ed!”

This version is unlike anything you’ve heard from Road To Ransome in the past and will most likely never hear again.  We strongly recommend you check it out on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?&v=UKJw1q6fcNk and have a listen to one of the scene’s most unique vocalists, Ben Cosson.

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