Swanky Jake Solway

Road To Ransome’s drummer and percussionist, Jake Solway, has been showing off his vocal skills recently with his new YouTube channel, covering everything from Thy Art Is Murder to David Bowie.  Now he’s putting on the Ritz with a bit of Michael Buble.

Head over to YouTube right now and see Jake cover “A Foggy Day In London Town” by Canada’s favourite lounge lizard, Michael Buble.  Think jake can hit those sweet notes?  Find out now at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l7KMohPLTx8.

Like, rate and comment and also check out upcoming Road To Ransome show at Snitch this Thursday February 28 where Jake will be back behind the drums, bashing out some hardcore beats you can chuck a mosh to.  See more here.

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