Summer Break Out Videos

A big special thanks goes out to Ky Lives of Whisper Revolution for producing two excellent live clips of Brisbane’s hottest hardcore act, Road To Ransome, as they performed live at the Byron Bay YAC on December 7 as part of their Summer Break Out Tour.

Check out this video of Road To Ransome’s yet to be released single “The Messenger (Through The Looking Glass)”, which debuted the same night as new lead singer Dylan Cottee joined the band.  The clip can be seen on YouTube at

The second video is of “Raccoon City Part II: S.O.S.” from their Meanwhile, In The Sky… EP.  See this clip on YouTube at

For more on Ky Lives and the awesome work he does for Whisper Revolution, check out their Facebook page at

Thanks also to the fanatics in Byron Bay that turned out for this awesome show and the YAC Rock Cafe for putting it on.  We hope to see you all again real soon.

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