Hip Hop O’Clock

Is Save The Clocktower getting into the hip hop scene?  Not quite, but lead singer Luke Vassen has been dabbling with another local artist in an upcoming collaboration soon to be released.

19 year old Launceston rapper Cmack has been working hard on his debut studio project entitled “Change” and what better way to show your Launceston cred than to team up with the city’s favourite sons in Save The Clocktower?

Vocalist Luke Vassen has done his part to back some of Cmack’s rhymes on the track “Breathless.”  A teaser track was recently released on YouTube which can be heard at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OBqKEZJGHs8.

Whether you’re a metal head or a B-boy, we’re sure you’ll want to check out Cmack’s latest work, featuring Luke Vassen.  Share, rate and comment.

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