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Oh, Sleeper With Ghosts On Broadway

Posted on by Mannequin Republic

Don’t forget that this Sunday, February 3, you can see Mannequin Republic’s own Ghosts On Broadway as they light it up with American heavyweights Oh, Sleeper, making the special trip out from Texas to show Australia what they’re made of.

Be part of the action at Live In The Wall (343 Parramatta Rd, Leichardt, NSW) when Oh, Sleeper, For All Eternity, Storm The Sky, Elegist and Ghosts On Broadway mosh a hole in Sydney.  Doors open early at 2:00 pm and this gig is all ages, so bring your mates and hear one of the hottest shows of the summer.

Come out and see one of Texas’s hottest hardcore and metal acts as the bring their show through Sydney to promote their latest album, Children Of Fire.  Tickets are $25 through Ghosts On Broadway, plus receive a free copy of their self titled EP!  See more here.… more...

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Hip Hop O’Clock

Posted on by Mannequin Republic

Is Save The Clocktower getting into the hip hop scene?  Not quite, but lead singer Luke Vassen has been dabbling with another local artist in an upcoming collaboration soon to be released.

19 year old Launceston rapper Cmack has been working hard on his debut studio project entitled “Change” and what better way to show your Launceston cred than to team up with the city’s favourite sons in Save The Clocktower?

Vocalist Luke Vassen has done his part to back some of Cmack’s rhymes on the track “Breathless.”  A teaser track was recently released on YouTube which can be heard at

Whether you’re a metal head or a B-boy, we’re sure you’ll want to check out Cmack’s latest work, featuring Luke Vassen.  Share, rate and comment.… more...

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Generation X Tour

Posted on by Mannequin Republic

Don’t forget to come out this Saturday night, February 2 to see Mannequin Republic’s own This Fiasco as they take part in the Generation X Tour with a killer line up of Victoria’s top hardcore, metal and underground rock bands.

Along with This Fiasco, check out headliners The Storm Picturesque, Glorified, Graveyards and Ocean Grove.  This is shaping up to be one of the biggest local heavy music shows on the Melbourne circuit this month.

It all goes down at the house of Victorian hardcore, The Gasometer Hotel (484 Smith Street, Collingwood, Melbourne) starting early at 4:00 pm and lasting throughout the night.  This show is 18+ only and tickets are $15 at the door.  We’ll be looking for you in the pit!

See more here.… more...

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Save 8 Bit Bec

Posted on by Mannequin Republic

Road to Ransome is known for their heavy tunes, one of a kind twists on riffs and vocals and the cool suaveness of keys player Bec Geldens.

Bec is now the topic of a YouTube video created by former Road To Ransome frontman Ben Cosson.  In the video, the band is transformed into an epic 8 bit Gameboy style video game to save Bec from the evil Trollway.

Keep your ears open for the 8 bit rendition if “Hollow Evisceration” from Road To Ransome’s Meanwhile, In The Sky… EP, also recorded by Ben Cosson.

Fanatics should check it out on YouTube at  Rate, comment and share with your mates.  A little gift to you from Road To Ransome.… more...

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Through The Eyes Of Belle Haven

Posted on by Mannequin Republic

In 2012, Save The Clocktower embarked on their second ever national tour of Australia with The Human Condition Tour.  Shortly after the tour news broke it was announced that Melbourne based hardcore act Belle Haven would be making the trip with them.

Belle Haven have recently released a behind the scenes look at their experience on The Human Condition Tour, featuring their long drive through Byron Bay, Nambour and Brisban, plus some live footage of the awesome music you fanatics were able to hear that were lucky enough to be there live.

To see the video, head over to YouTube at  This video has everything from mosh pits, burning trucks and suave young men with hangovers.  Look close for some camera vs camera work with Warwick Hughes from Sink Or Swim Productions.

We’d like to thank Belle Haven again for being part of The Human Condition Tour and … more...

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