The Way Of Blank TV

Afraid Of Heights from Perth, Western Australia rock it with some post hardcore metalcore metal rock on Blank TV YouTube channel

Mannequin Republic would once again like to thank the fine folks over at Blank TV for their continued support of the underground rock music scene in Australia as they have posted the official YouTube video for Save The Clocktower’s latest single “The Way We Were” on their YouTube page.

The song made it’s Australian debut on Triple J’s Short.Fast.Loud to rave reviews in October and quickly found it’s way to Blank TV.  Reactions to the new single have been overwhelmingly positive and Save The Clocktower hope to keep the momentum going as they make plans for their debut full length album.

Blank TV is the place to be to find the latest music for hardcore, post-hardcore, punk, metal and heavy music around the world.  Make sure you check them out and see what they have to offer at

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