Take Ten With Ravi Sherwell

Ever since coming under an exclusive Mannequin Republic management contract in the middle of the year, Brisbane pop-core metal heads As Paradise Falls have taken the local music scene by storm.  Against all expectations As Paradise Falls have headlined out-of-state tour gigs, stolen the show at Snitch and inspired ravenous fans to tattoo themselves with the band name.

Lead vocalist Ravi Sherwell gave us some rapid fire answers to 10 questions so you can get to know As Paradise Falls a little bit better.

How did you guys come up with the name?

Ravi Sherwell: We came up with the name when I was playing a game called Fallout and got kind of tricked when he went to a place called “Paradise Falls”, thinking it would be a nice looking place, then later realized it was a hole.

What are some of the band’s influences?

Ravi Sherwell: Attila, Upon A Burning Body, Salt The Wound, All Shall Perish, Betraying The Martyrs, I Am Abomination, Northlane, Suicide Silence, Resist The Throught, and As I Lay Dying.

Favourite place to play shows?

Ravi Sherwell: The Cambridge Hotel in Newcastle, ‘cause we got to stay above the venue and pass out after we all were smashed.

Where would you love to tour?

Ravi Sherwell: Europe would be sick.

Who would you like to support on tour or even just a one off show?

Ravi Sherwell: Attila.

Favourite Aussie bands at the moment?

Ravi Sherwell: Northlane, Point Below Zero, Resist The Thought, Make Them Suffer and The Bride.

Is the Brisbane music scene alive and kicking?

Ravi Sherwell: Not really. Not many people come to shows anymore, but it isn’t really anyone’s fault. The people that are coming to shows regularly are highly appreciated and seem to be having a good time, so when the other retards get back into it they may actually enjoy their lives again.

What are some of targets the band is aiming for in the near future?

Ravi Sherwell: Recording and releasing our next project and touring again next year. Hopefully across the country.

What’s the worst band you have ever heard?

Ravi Sherwell: One Direction. Does that even count as a band?

Finally, Asking Alexandria or Bring Me the Horizon?

Ravi Sherwell: Bring Me The Horizon. By far.

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