Crookkid Tyde

Mannequin Republic is pleased to announce that our own champions of local metal, Trinatyde, are now officially endorsed by Crookkid Threads.

Crookkid Threads is a relatively new company based in Brisbane, focused on catchy fashion items for all you free spirits in this hoe-hum world.  Their designs appeal to metal-heads, skaters, haters and players alike.  With a focus on improving their local community, this is a company with heart and we are proud to be included in what they do.

Trinatyde are the first music act endorsed by Crookkid Threads and so far they are proving to a perfect fit.  We hope you will have a look at Crookkid Threads, too by heading over to and checking out all the cook designs in their debut collection.

Stay tuned to for the latest news on Trinatyde as they continue to gear up for their return to the live music scene.

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