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Jake Solway Is Murder

Posted on by Mannequin Republic

Road To Ransome drummer, want to be frontman and major scene player, Jake Solway, has struck again.  This time with his own vocal cover released on YouTube.

If you haven’t seen it already, go to YouTube right now at and see Jake cover “Reign Of Darkness” by Thy Art Is Murder using nothing but his own vocal talent, iPod and a giant banana costume.

In just a few short weeks the video has already gathered over 2,000 views.  Make sure you  rate, comment and share so that all your friends can get in on the amazing talent of Jake Solway.… more...

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Take Ten With Ravi Sherwell

Posted on by Mannequin Republic

Ever since coming under an exclusive Mannequin Republic management contract in the middle of the year, Brisbane pop-core metal heads As Paradise Falls have taken the local music scene by storm.  Against all expectations As Paradise Falls have headlined out-of-state tour gigs, stolen the show at Snitch and inspired ravenous fans to tattoo themselves with the band name.

Lead vocalist Ravi Sherwell gave us some rapid fire answers to 10 questions so you can get to know As Paradise Falls a little bit better.

How did you guys come up with the name?

Ravi Sherwell: We came up with the name when I was playing a game called Fallout and got kind of tricked when he went to a place called “Paradise Falls”, thinking it would be a nice looking place, then later realized it was a hole.

What are some of the band’s influences?

Ravi Sherwell: Attila, Upon A … more...

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A Taste Of New Endless

Posted on by Mannequin Republic

The Endless Pandemic have dropped a major teaser on the world featuring an audio clip for a yet to be released track in the recording process.

The short YouTube clip gives us a one minute ear full of what the band has been working on in recent weeks.  Make sure you check it out right now at  You haven’t heard anything else like it come out of the Brisbane music scene.

Future plans for the track are still unknown as is the name and potential release date.  Stay tuned to for the latest updates on The Endless Pandemic as they take a break from live gigs to write and record their latest project.… more...

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Crookkid Tyde

Posted on by Mannequin Republic

Mannequin Republic is pleased to announce that our own champions of local metal, Trinatyde, are now officially endorsed by Crookkid Threads.

Crookkid Threads is a relatively new company based in Brisbane, focused on catchy fashion items for all you free spirits in this hoe-hum world.  Their designs appeal to metal-heads, skaters, haters and players alike.  With a focus on improving their local community, this is a company with heart and we are proud to be included in what they do.

Trinatyde are the first music act endorsed by Crookkid Threads and so far they are proving to a perfect fit.  We hope you will have a look at Crookkid Threads, too by heading over to and checking out all the cook designs in their debut collection.

Stay tuned to for the latest news on Trinatyde as they continue to gear up for their return to the live music … more...

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As Paradise Falls Beat The Weather

Posted on by Mannequin Republic

On behalf of As Paradise Falls, Mannequin Republic would like to thank all you die-hard local music fanatics who made it out to the Mt. Gravatt show on October 27 for an early all ages Halloween surprise.

Despite the rain and miserable weather, fans turned out in droves to mosh around and let loose with Brisbane’s pop-core bad boys, As Paradise Falls and some awesome local bands, including Caspian, Portraits Of Pride, who launched their EP on the night, Dark Relic and Trepidation.

There were some killer costumes, natural born moshers and even a roundhouse kick to the head.  Most importantly there were great underground metal bands playing their own tunes to some great fans and a good time was had by all.

Thanks to Samuel Johannessen for putting in the hard work, organising the event and again to everyone who turned out.  We will do it all with you … more...

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