Writer’s Block

At Mannequin Republic, we pride ourselves on having the most talented and hardest working bands in the local metal, hardcore and underground rock music scene.  We are especially proud to announce that currently all of our bands are working on new material to unleash on the public next year.

Tasmanian post-hardcore outfit Save The Clocktower, still buzzing from their epic national tour in September have put that milestone behind them to work on another huge project, their first full length album.  Stay tuned for their new single, soon to be released, featuring Marcel Gadacz from Dream On, Dreamer.

As Paradise Falls has a white board full of information for their upcoming project, rumored to be a long play disc.  Their newest single, “Rehab Is For Quitters” is on Triple J Unearthed right now for free download at http://www.triplejunearthed.com/AsParadiseFalls.

The Endless Pandemic are taking time out from touring to work on a very experimental project that is being discussed as one of the most groundbreaking hardcore/metalcore recordings to be released in 2013.

Trinatyde have reformed with a new line-up, a new direction and a new attitude.  Reportedly they are throwing out the old set lists and plan to be 100% brand new for next year.

Road To Ransome have also been putting in the long hours and are in the early stages of writing what could be a new single project or something much larger.

All we can say is that we are stoked for our bands and we know all of your local music fanatics will be just as excited as we are when you hear what they are working on.

Stay tuned to mannequinrepublic.com.au for the latest updates.

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