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Mannequin Republic’s metal-rock rebels, Trinatyde, are the epitimy of the Australian local band.  Their passion for the live music scene has kept them playing small venues, pubs and any show they can get their hands on for the last 2 years.  That same passion has lead them to write, self-record and self-release their first full length album, Rising Tyde.

The album has been making a mark as one of the best self-produced albums in Australia for 2012 and since its release, two of the ten tracks have made the top ten on Triple J’s Unearthed metal charts

We caught up with Josh Ingram (guitar), Matt Nott (guitar) and Dan Robinson (vocals) to get an inside look on Trinatyde’s first full length album.

What are your memories from making Rising Tyde?

Josh Ingram: I think the most memorable part was listening to the final fix and seeing that everyone was happy with it.  Most annoying part was to listen to it every fucking day for a minimum of three hours at a time, hence why I dislike all our songs now.

Matt Nott: Probably being jammed into Josh’s recording room with mics and amps and crap everywhere, barely able to move while we did the guitar tracks.

Dan Robinson: Just having it all come together after such a long time. With those tracks out now we can work on a whole new set list.

What is your favourite track from Rising Tyde?

Josh Ingram: I’d say it would have to be “Feelings Are Gone”, because that song just turned out awesome and catchy, the mix was right and everything fell into place just right.

Matt Nott: I think “Life” is my favorite.  It’s always been one of my favorites to play live and I was really happy with how it came out on the album. The vocals are great and the guitar harmonies in the verse add some really cool depth to the track.

Dan Robinson: “Feelings Are Gone” and “Life” would have to be my favourites, as well.  They just came out awesome and it was very comfortable recording them.

How do you feel now the album is finished and being distributed?

Josh Ingram: Relief.  Now that it’s all over with I can finally concentrate on writing new material, and especially with a new drummer, who is fucking awesome to say the least, I have no limits to what I create anymore.

Matt Nott: It’s a little surreal to be honest.  We’ve been performing these songs for over a year now and it’s the second time we’ve recorded some of them. It seems a little strange to think that they’re finally complete, in the sense that the way they sound now on this album is the way they’re going to sound forever. We’ve captured these songs as best we possibly can and while that’s massively exciting and we want to celebrate this release with our fans it’s also time for us to start looking towards the future and begin working on new material.

Dan Robinson: I feel very proud of our producer Josh, who is also our guitarist, and I am proud of the work that was put in to get Rising Tyde out to a worldwide audience. The next few month will see a massive change in our direction with the addition of a new drummer and bass player.

What about Rising Tyde should people be excited about?

Josh Ingram: Be excited that it’s finally out!  Now people can look forward to new Trinatyde material.

Matt Nott: I think it’s a testament to the truth of the old saying “If you want it done right, do it yourself.”  I hope that other bands out there who want to release professional material but can’t afford, or don’t have access to a great studio, will be inspired to take matters into their own hands.

Dan Robinson: It is out and it represents the last two years of Trinatyde’s existence.

Get your own copy of Trinatyde’s first full length album today on CD Baby by going to

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