Earbleeders Volume 4

At the end of June, Blunt magazine released issue 101 featuring a free Earbleeders bonus CD.  The fourth volume of the oh-so-popular Earbleeders series featured 20 awesome headbanging tracks of some of the hottest hardcore, metal and underground bands on the scene, including 2 Mannequin Republic artists.

Now, the complete disc is available for free download.  That’s right, 20 songs, completely free to build your mp3 collection with.

On the CD, catch tracks by Mannequin Republic’s very own Save The Clocktower with “Open Your Eyes, Follow The Blue Bloods” off of The Human Condition EP and The Endless Pandemic with “Shadows” off of their debut EP Shadows.

As well as The Endless Pandemic and Save The Clocktower you can also grab tracks by amazing bands like Buried In Verona, Vices, Midnight In Alaska, Seven Skies and While Giants Sleep.

To download the complete sampler CD for free just go to http://www.offtherecord.cc/ear-bleeders-volume-4/ where you can download it in bulk, sample tracks on a streaming mp3 player or download tracks individually.

Mannequin Republic would like to thank Off The Record for including us on another one of their Earbleeders projects and we all look forward to the next volume.

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