Take Ten with Belle Haven

Our boys Save The Clocktower are touring in September with some good friends of ours from Victoria, Belle Haven. The Human Condition Tour starts in exactly one week so we thought we’d get the lowdown from Mitch about what Belle Haven is all about!

1) Why the name guys?

We were reading though some murder mystery books looking for some cool words we could use as a band name because at the time our current name “Facing Fake Help” was just not cutting it anymore. We came across the murder of Martha Moxley, a 15yo girl who had been murdered the night before Halloween 1975 in her home community of Belle Haven (USA). All evidence pointed to one of the wealthiest families of the east coast, who managed to evade all punishment for 22 years till Michael Skakel was found guilty. It is well believed that the authorities knew who the murderer was beforehand but due to the social standings of Michael Skakel no action was taken until the story had become a huge hit on the media. Injustice in Belle Haven?


2) Are there any issues or events that you like to focus on when song writing? What influences do you draw upon in your songs?

As a guitarist I don’t really focus on issues or events. My process for writing songs can go one of two ways. The first and easiest way is to noodle around until I have something cool sounding then I just play it over and over again to the point where I keep playing past the riff I wrote to see what follows. After this I like to look at the structure and mould what I have into something that makes sense. The second way also begins with noodling, however once I find a riff that evokes an emotion I then explore that riff and see what I can build it into.

3) Is Melbourne the best music scene in Australia?

Yes and no. It depends what you classify “best” as. For example, we in Belle Haven hear of these magical tales about a world on the other side of ours where every band in the city are super nice and supportive, crowds of people rock up to every show just because they can and other bands that have the privilege and money to go there are welcomed with open arms by the community. It sounds pretty sweet yeah? I think it was called Perth. Melbourne is a different story; we get heaps of interstate and international bands coming to visit so there are a lot of support slots available, which really brings huge opportunity to any local Melbourne band.


4) Where is your favourite place to tour/play shows?

My favourite place to tour is Diamond Creek; it’s nice and close. Coming in second for favourite places to tour would have to be the East coast of Australia, which includes some pretty sweet places such as Nambour and Toowoomba; those places are crazily awesome and filled with nice people.


5) Dream support slot?

I’m going to be greedy and say Trivium. But now I’m going be nice and say Underoath, and now I’m going to say Metallica, and Greeley Estates, and the colour purple with a hint of lemon and ice cream.

 6) What does the band like to listen to on tour?

W hen you’re driving with me you will get a huge range of unrelated music. We usually do double disc driving where we play 2 albums from a variety of bands such as Pantera, Seether, As I Lay Dying and The Chariot with some bonuses of Dragonland when we feel like saving the land from an evil ruler. When tour progresses I personally like to kick it back with Blue Sky Black Death’s album they did with Yes Alexander called “Slow Burning Lights”.

 7) Who are your favourite Australian bands?

My favourite Australian bands would have to be Parkway Drive, Glorified, Revelations and Dream on, Dreamer. Why? Because Parkway Drive is Parkway Drive, Glorified is Glorified, Revelations is Revelations and Dream on, Dream is Dream on, Dreamer. I used tautology to dodge the question! I’ve always wanted to do that in an interview, too bad it was to a question I asked myself.

 8) What are your thoughts on Save The Clocktower and their tunes?

Back to the future, I love that movie! But seriously, they’re a bunch of really nice guys! Their tunes are hard to fault; there has been a lot of thought put into the structure, their songs flow very nicely and they don’t crowd their music with multiple dominate parts playing at once. A lot of people probably say this but in their song “The Machine” at 2:35 is so brutal, and they don’t even follow it up with a half time breakdown like so many other bands would do.

9) Do you have any plans to hit up other parts of Australia or even the world?

Besides the tour with Save the Clocktower nothing is set in stone yet. However we are trying to visit Tasmania and Adelaide sometime soon. As always we are constantly searching for more parts of Australia that will have us!

 10) And finally Megadeth or Slayer?

It depends if I’m having a good day on Guitar Hero 3. If all is going well then its Slayer because I can knock out those pull-offs towards the start of Raining Blood which give me a chance to beat it. However Megadeth has Chris Broderick on guitar. Have you seen his 8-finger tapping? Or his Classical guitar? Okay, it has nothing to do with guitar hero 3! It’s all about how them finger skills. I’m sure he would mop the floor with me in Guitar Hero 3.


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