SJC Gets Endless

Mannequin Republic is proud to announce that The Endless Pandemic are now officially endorsed by SJC Custom drums.  As one of the many business allies that manager Tom Byrnes visited on his recent trip to America, the fine folks at SJC liked what they heard from The Endless Pandemic and made the offer.

Drummer Aaron Mearns has already been fitted out for his new custom kit, which is in the works right now.  Aaron and the whole band are very excited to be endorsed by the company who makes drums “because drums are cool.”

SJC Custom Drums has been making awesome custom drum kits since 2000 in their Massachusetts, USA, workshop.  They have a number of incredible drummers and bands under their sponsorship list and now include The Endless Pandemic amongst their family.

For more information on SJC go to their website at and check out all the great kits they do and the awesome bands they do them for.  You can see more on The Endless Pandemic on their official Mannequin Republic profile page.

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