The Tyde Rises On Unearthed

Mannequin Republic’s working man’s metal band, Trinatyde, have moved up the Triple J Unearthed charts again for the fourth consecutive week.

On behalf of the band, we would like to thank all of you Tridons who wrote reviews and rated the tracks.  We would also like to welcome all of Trinatyde’s new fans who found the band through Unearthed.

Both “Feelings Are Gone” and “Message To The Rates” are sitting in the top 5 of the Triple J Unearthed metal charts at the number 3 and 5 spots respectively.  Since the release of the Rising Tyde album, both tracks have been steadily climbing up the Triple J Rankings.

Don’t stop now!  Show your support for the hardest working band in Brisbane by going to Trinatyde’s official Triple J Unearthed page at and clicking “rate” on both their tracks.  Leave a comment, share with your friends and spread the word.

If you’re not a member of Triple J Unearthed, sign up now, it’s free and easy.  Just go to and fill out the short form.  Registering in Triple J Unearthed gives you access to hundreds of great local bands and all the free underground pop, punk, metal, rock and indie tunes you can handle.

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