Road To Winning

Congratulations to Josh Girvan who has won the impromptu Road To Ransome give away contest held on their website.

Several weeks ago the band announced they would be giving away a sweet little merchandise package to the person with the best YouTube cover of any of their songs.  They had some fantastic entries, but Josh was the man to take home the prize with his guitar cover version of “I Smoked Pot With Johnny Hopkins.”

To see the YouTube video, go to

Josh leaned the song by ear, even nailing the solo at the end of the song.  For his efforts he is getting mailed a free copy of the brand new Meanwhile, In The Sky… EP, a zombie raptor t-shirt and some stickers to slap on his guitar.

Thank you very much to everyone who sent a video to the band and congratulations again to Josh for the win.  If you want to be part of the insane contests and prize giving next time, make sure you follow Road To Ransome on Facebook at

If you don’t have your copy of Meanwhile, In The Sky… yet get over to Workhorse Records at and download the digital EP right now!

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