Kill Your Sampler

If you are looking to expend your collection of hardcore, metalcore and post-hardcore tunes, we have the perfect solution for you: our good friends at Kill Your Scene have released an incredible 16 track sampler showcasing some of the hottest underground acts in Australia.

The album features tracks from emerging young bands as far flung as Canberra and Adelaide and includes three tracks by artists under the Mannequin Republic banner.  On the sampler you can hear Road To Ransome first single from their Meanwhile, In The Sky… EP, “This One Time At Band Camp”, Save The Clocktower performing “Chemical Fiend” from their EP The Human Condition and also Armada In The Dusk’s awesome track “Take Back What’s Ours.”

To make it even better this compilation is available for instant download and it is 100% free!  That’s right, free music from Kill Your Scene.  Go to and download Sampler Number 1 Side B right now!

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