Cool Try Atlantis

Fanatics across Australia are getting pumped up for the epic We Built Atlantis tour that will take the band across the country for nearly a month, including shows in Fortitude Valley, Surfer’s Paradise and Ipswich.

One of the many media outlets to run with the story is this rad little webazine: Cool Try.  Cool Try is an Australia based website that features all sorts of information on your local music scene, including articles, news updates, demo tracks and exclusive interviews.

You can read their post on the We Built Atlantis Tidal Waves Tour at  Special thanks to the author for the sneaky Mannequin Republic reference.

If you’re wondering which We Built Atlantis tour date is right for you, head out to CWA Hall (68 Lime Street) in Ipswich where you can catch the pop-punk-hardcore act from Newcastle along with their mates from Sydney, By Design and Mannequin Republic’s own Road To Ransome as they engage on their EP launch tour for their new release, Meanwhile, In The Sky…

It all goes off Saturday, June 2, starting at 5:00 pm.  Entry is only $10 and, yes, it is all ages, so get down and mosh out!  For more information, click here.

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