Ear Bleeders

At the end of March, the fine folks at Off The Record music publication company released volume 3 of their Ear Bleeders series, which featured 2 Mannequin Republic acts: the always awesome Road To Ransome and the ever improving Gathered Below.

The compilation was released with the April addition of Drum Media magazine and features 18 incredible tracks from underground hardcore metal bands across Australia.

Fans around Australia may know Off The Record from their many special edition compilation CDs featured in local street press from coast to coast.  Their Ear Bleeders series has proven especially popular and the latest release is available now.

If you missed it the first time, don’t worry, you can head over to http://www.offtherecord.cc/ear-bleeders-vol3/ and download the full album absolutely free!  That’s right, 18 insane tracks, all downloadable for no money at all!

You can also download the songs off the compilation track by track, including “Under The Strings” by Gathered Below and the brand new “Racoon City Part II: S.O.S.” off of Road To Ransome’s just released Meanwhile, In The Sky… EP.

Go to Off The Record and get your free download now!

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