The Tyde Comes In

Mannequin Republic is pleased to announce that 5 piece metal band Trinatyde are now under retainer with the company.

For the last year, Trinatyde have been playing an outrageous number of shows across south-east Queensland gaining exposure and expanding their fan base.  You may have seen them play at 4ZZZ’s Rumble Rock Festival in the Valley, the Emergenza battle of the bands, where they reached the semi-finalist level or for the Flood-stock benefit gig in support of Queensland flood victims.

The band released an EP last year, which is available in America, the U.K. and locally in Australia through their main distribution partners: Your Label Records, Heads&Tails Records and Workhorse Records.

Trinatyde has received regular airplay and occasional interview segments on 4ZZZ radio in Brisbane.  They are a band that works hard and fights for everything they get and we hope that alongside Mannequin Republic that more of you local music fanatics will get behind them and hear some of the brutal metal tunes they put out.

For more information on Trinatyde and to listen to some of their music for free, check out their official Mannequin Republic band page.

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