Miles Apart

Pop-punk, hardcore outfit Miles and Miles have announced that the band will no longer be performing together.  The band members agreed to a mutual break up of the band and will no longer be be part of live shows or recording music in the near future.

Miles and Miles had the makings of a truly unique and exciting live band and have been acknowledged as one of the more versatile bands in the Brisbane, Queensland live music scene.

We at Mannequin Republic are of course disappointed with this development in the band, but wish them all the best in their future and look forward to seeing what no projects may form as a result.

The loss of Miles and Miles, however, leaves the door wide open for the next fresh, new, innovative mix-genre band to jump up and take the spotlight.  As much as we regret not being able to see Miles and Miles perform again, we anxiously wait to see who will pop up in their place.

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