Meanwhile, In The Sky… Out Now

Road To Ransome’s brand new EP, Meanwhile, In The Sky… is being released today.  After weeks of anticipation, fans of the post-hardcore rock outfit can get a copy of the 7 track release.

The first two early cuts off the EP have been met with rave reviews from fans and the music industry media alike.  The album as a whole has been a much talked about subject in the underground music community since it was announced in February.

To get your own copy of Meanwhile, In The Sky… head over to Amazon and download the full album, or pick up a copy at Road To Ransome’s next upcoming gig at Between The Walls (42 Manning Street, South Brisbane) on Saturday April 14 starting at 4:00 pm for their first show since the release of the EP.  See more details here.

The track list includes 7 titles:
Meanwhile, In The Sky… 0.33
2. Racoon City Part II: SOS 4.30
3. Oh, Janette, You Really Shouldn’t Have Asked 3.25
4. I Smoked Pot With Johnny Hopkins 3.26
5. The Eye 1.33
6. This One Time At Bandcamp 3.42
7. Hollow Evisceration 4.35

The EP is being released under Workhorse Records in Australia and Heads&Tails Records in the UK.  Make sure you get your copy today at Amazon.

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