Heads And Tails For Tom Byrnes

Managing Director of Mannequin Republic, Tom Byrnes has agreed to act as the official artist and repertoire agent in Australia for the growing U.K. record and distribution label, Heads&Tails Records.

After establishing themselves as a successful young label in England, Heads&Tails has slowly started tackling the Australian market.  Fanatics might have notices a few Aussie artists already amongst their ranks, including several members of the Mannequin Republic family; Road To Ransome, Afraid Of Heights and Trinatyde.

After the partnership was announced, Tom Byrnes said “It is an honour to be part of an ever-growing record label.  I sense that this will be a great project for me and our bands.”

Tom Byrnes had previously held the position of artist and repertoire advisor for Epitaph Records and feels this new opportunity will open more doors to local Brisbane and Australian artists to expand their fan base and be successful in the modern music industry.

Mannequin Republic would like to state that Tom Byrne’s new position with Head&Tails Records will in no way interfere in his current role with Mannequin Republic.  We feel that, if anything, this new alignment will inspire more local acts to work harder, now that they have a new goal to reach towards.

For more information on Heads&Tails Records, check out their website at http://www.headsandtailsrecords.co.uk and their facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/headsandtailsrecordsuk.

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