Road To Ransome Recording

Road To Ransome

Rumours have been circulating around upcoming recording projects for Road To Ransome over the last several weeks.  The band has been making a name for themselves after stellar performances at Snitch, Halloween Fest and On The Edge and fans have been chattering about the possibility of a new recording project.

Mannequin Republic can now confirm that Road To Ransome are currently in the studio working on their first full length album.  The album will feature previously unrecorded material and several new tracks.

Fanatics have already been given a glimpse of the cover art, which is featured on Road To Ransome’s latest merchandise release, which were snapped up by the masses who came out in force for the October 27 Hotel Orient show.

More details on the Road To Ransome album are coming soon, so stay tuned to

Don’t miss Road To Ransome as they take part in the highly anticipated Pigapalooza Festival at The Tempo Hotel on Sunday November 27 from noon with All Shall Parish and Numbers Radio.  See more here.

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