Take Ten With Rikochetz Events

Rikochetz Events manager Marty Logan tells us what it’s like as a promoter on the Sunshine Coast.

When did you decide to start Rikochetz Events and what was the inspiration behind it?

Marty Logan: It started back in April 2011.  Our son was doing sporadic gigs in licensed venues in Brisbane and it led us to question why gigs were so hard to find on the Sunny Coast.  The answer was, simply, there wasn’t anywhere for his genre of music to gig.  We then found there were a large number of young metal, punk and hardcore bands on the Sunshine Coast suffering the same problems.  I guess we figured someone has to do it, why not us?

Why Nambour?

Marty Logan: It came down to what the community was going to allow and what could we afford.  The final decision wasn’t swayed by the town itself, but more so the actual venue; where it was positioned, the owner of the venue and the cost for it.  To be honest, it is difficult to get kids out to Nambour, but Faye at the QCWA has been amazing with her support and the price is within our means, not to mention the fact that the hall has no residences about and therefore much less chance of noise complaints.

What type of music is the most successful up there?

Marty Logan: Sunny Coast kids are heavy metal kids. Deathcore and metalcore plays well. There is some pent up frustration around here and I understand it. Their attraction to metal is healthy. It gives them an outlet. But we are fans of broadening their horizons and giving different genres a go.”

What have been Rikochetz Events best and worst gigs?

Marty Logan: We can’t honestly say there has been a bad gig, yet.  Each gig has had its own challenges, but ended up being very fulfilling and successful in its own way.  But, I think a personal favourite was with Asteya, What She Deserves, Trinatyde, A Breach Of Silence and Shotgun Halo on June 18.  It is hard to explain what made it stand out, but anyone there would agree it was an all-round great night. It just all came together.

What does the Sunshine Coast scene have to offer that is different from Brisbane and the Gold Coast?

Marty Logan: It’s hard to say. We haven’t had too much to do with the Brisbane and Gold Coast local music scene. I think the Sunny Coast has small town charms and communal sense.  It seems that in one way or another all the local bands on the Sunshine Coast are connected.  Also, because of the lack of venues and the large number of bands, I think that there is a large amount of repressed musical energy bubbling under the surface waiting to explode. It’s just a matter of when people are going to tap into it. There are a lot of talented bands and artists up here and they have a lot to offer Queensland, Aussie and international music.

What do you hope to achieve with these events?

Marty Logan: I guess overall we hope to give these kids, with dreams of expressing themselves through music, a real chance to do it.  If they are constantly denied the opportunity they might just give up.  Then we’ll never know what great music the world will be deprived of.

What advice do you have for new promoters interested in putting on their own shows?

Marty Logan: Be honest, first and foremost.  Both with yourself and those you do business with.  Be clear with your intentions and motivations.  Be true to your word.  Trust is important.  Check your ego at the door, there is no place for it in promoters, managers or bands.  It isn’t about you, it’s about the music.  Lastly, there is no money in it, not at this level.  So, be prepared to lose money again and again.  If your heart is in the right place, money isn’t going to be important anyway.

What has been your favourite band to see play at QCWA Hall?

Marty Logan: We have been privileged to enjoy a lot of great bands, certainly more than I have time to mention here.  A few examples are: Shotgun Halo (professional), Inhailed (intimidating), Roses For The Damned (showmanship), Down From The Sky (energetic).  There are so many more that deserve mention, but, one band that I will not forget, based on first impression, would have to be Dawn Of The Dead.  They were so brutal. From the moment they struck the first chord, everyone, including myself, was gobsmacked, losing control of the bottom half of their jaws. It was like they were possessed.  Incredible.

Do you see yourselves expanding?

Marty Logan: We see it, but it depends on whether destiny sees it the same way.

What are some events we can look forward to in the near future?

Marty Logan: There are lots of shows up to the end of the year. Check out http://www.facebook.com/RikochetzEvents.

You can see more of what’s coming up for Rikochetz Events on Facebook, including what is sure to be an awesome day of live music at the Turn Of The Tide Metal Festival at Queen Street Community Hall (Queen Street, Caloundra) on Saturday, September 10th from 1:30 pm.  The event features a stack of great metal bands, including Mannequin Republic’s own Inhailed.

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