Tom Byrnes Is Dry

After ignoring years of persuasion by his friends and family, Mannequin Republic managing director Tom Byrnes has finally agreed to sober up.  Yes, Tom Byrnes is now part of Dry July, the annual charity drive to generate cash for hospitals and organisations for adults with cancer.

Dry July started in 2008 and has been endorsed by companies like ABC Radio, Bundaberg Bewed Drinks, Industrie Clothing and more.   They have raised millions of dollars over the last 4 years for hospitals in every Australian state and territory, including Mater Hospital here in Brisbane

Raising money along with Tom this year are personalities from Australian radio stations ABC,  Nova and Triple J and TV broadcasters like Channel 7, Channel 9 and SBS, as well as music personalities like Jane Gazzo of Channel [V] and Chris Joannou of Silverchair.

Thanks to our good friends Daniel Robinson and Matt Leost who have already made contributions to keep Tom from getting back on the wagon.  If you’re one of the many people who’d like to see Tom lay off the sauce, please visit his profile page at, scroll down to the bottom where you can easily donate to this great cause.

For more information visit

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