Byrnes Drier Than Ever

Mannequin Republic managing director Tom Byrnes is over halfway through his Dry July experience.  He has not touched a drop of alcohol in 23 days.

“It’s been really hard to avoid it” says Tom.  “I took the bus yesterday and a woman spilled nail polish remover next to me.  Almost got on my leg.  I cut my finger last week.  I think it’s infected because the disinfectant spray I have is 90 proof.  I haven’t used aftershave all month, just anything to avoid the alcohol.”

Don’t let Tom’s struggle be in vain.  Go to his profile page at and donate to keep him going.  All proceeds go to help adults with cancer at hospitals across Australia.

For more information on Dry July and it’s generous support of hospitals, including the Mater Hill Hospital in Brisbane, please visit

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