Ten Bands To Look Out For This Year (That Aren’t Our Own)

With so much going on in Brisbane, it’s hard to tell which shows will leave you satisfied and which ones will leave you disappointed.  So, to do our part for the local music scene we have decided to list our top ten local bands that  everyone should go out and see.  Bands that look and sound good and are working damn hard to make your night out worth it.

Here we go, these are the top ten live acts (excluding those under contract with Mannequin Republic) that are sure to blow your mind:

10) Shifting the Paradigm: Not only is this band full of nice guys, they play awesome metal.  Good to watch on stage and pretty damn tight.  Fantastic management behind them as well.  We expect some big things from them this year! Nev’s vocals are insanely good.

9) Gathered Below: The new kids in town; what makes Gathered Below so endearing is their attitude and the fact they have no time to be labelled or put into any genre.  They just want to play a heap of shows and get their name out there.  Some would say they are outcasts in the local hardcore scene, but with the right attitude and positive energy being produced already, they won’t need to be a part of a scene.

8) Fun With Explosives: Saw these dudes recently and holy crap they were good.  A really tight band live and they have one of the better guitarists I’ve seen in a while.  Love to see them support some bigger bands in the future.

7) What Lies Beneath: We got sold on their “99 Luft Balloons” cover, but one gets a feeling that What Lies Beneath have alot more to offer.  Can’t wait to see what the lads can come up with this year. The future of Ipswich music is looking pretty good. Our own Hack have proven that there is so much talent in that place.

6) The Androgeny: All female and all class. One of the best sounding bands going around and very professional.  One of the more enjoyable bands we’ve seen live this year and hopefully there is more to come.

5) Sonic Porno: Their comeback gig was exceptional.  The band is tight and Tone is a perfect frontman for the band.  Looking forward to seeing them break more hearts and guitars.  They are playing at the Essence Festival in north Queensland with bands like The Butterfly Effect, so expect to see more great things from The Prawno

4) The Ovaries: Personally feel they play their best as a 3-piece and it seems they will stay that way. See them at Bastardfest in Brisbane this year alongside our very own The Last Outlaw. There is something for everyone with when The Ovaries hit the stage and it can only be going up for the girls this year!

3) The Belligerents: Playing at Track & Field this weekend, we’ve been hearing alot about them. In fact they seem to be everywhere. They play some really catchy songs and it’d be great to see what they get out of upcoming tours. Having supported Metronymy (UK) in the past, can’t wait to see what else these guys can do.

2) Delorean… WAIT… WHAT?!  Trinatyde: Down right nice dudes and they play like each gig is their last.  Got a feeling next year will be huge for this band. Catch them at Rumble Rock this weekend at the Jubilee Hotel.  If they keep doing what they’re doing, who knows where they will be in the future.

1) This City Ignites: They have supported bands like 50 Lions, A Day to Remeber and Underoath.  What more is there to say?  Maybe that they are still one of the most grounded bands around and they do it because they love the music.  Their new album that is currently being recorded and we can not wait to hear it.  Be very proud that these dudes are from our city.

So get out there, spend the $5 or $10 or whatever it takes to see some local bands. They will love you for it and you might well discover a new favourite act that  you don’t have to pay $50+ for.

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