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So recently I’ve been getting into That’ll Be The Day from Melbourne. If this is what Melbourne can produce in way of hardcore, then what other bands are there to be uncovered in that city? I decided to review their already released EP, “What’s To Come?” And I must say, it impressed me enough to write this. To keep it simple, I’ll do a track by track breakdown (pun intended).

Sail Solitude– It is simply a great way to begin or end an EP or even an LP for that matter. Not enough bands do this. Mostly instrumental, and it shows the depth this band has to possibly make in the future.

The Sty of Our Lives–  It offers the same brutality. To me, it’s not the best track on the EP, and it may lack some sense of direction. I couldn’t get into the song as much as the others although the gang vocals were well placed. So often you hear band that misplace the

Crowd Surfin’ in a Coffin– The begining to this track signifies their southern roots. When I say “southern” I mean that same style that the Cancer Bats, Everytime I Die, Maylene etc. have. Southern fueled riffs are evident here and the break down right in the middle is a killer.

Palms and Teeth– “Get yo southern on” is all I have to say to this. It’s my favourite track on the EP. It offers something different and musically, it has the potential to be one of the more radio friendly tracks. There are dirty bluesy/rock riffs and some amazing solo guitar work. It made me want to go crack open a beer.

little things like those.

Speaking of Whitch, Burn!– This track smacks you in the face with the same brutality Misery Signals did with their album, Mirrors, opening with Face Yourself. That’ll Be The Day come across as band not to be messed with in this track. One of the more heavier tracks from the EP, it also has some great mosh qualities for the kids to get into at a gig.

Open The Sky– For a moment I thought it was a Parkway Drive song. This song screams circle pit at gigs. The song is well constructed too, encompassing everything good about hardcore. Breakdowns, circle pits, mosh, gang vocals, and diverse screams. It’s one of the more enjoyable songs on there.

That’ll Be The Day are a breath of fresh air. The style and the image they portray just from listening to What’s To Come? shows a band that is ready to take the bull by the horns. They’ve convinced me that there is variety and diversity in hardcore and if they stay true to their roots, and take every opportunity that comes their way, they will be where some of our best hardcore bands are right now both at home and abroad. Being, diverse and different in the hardcore scene, will keep people coming back for more. Keep an eye for these guys and we’re looking forward to seeing them in QLD very soon.


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