The Jon Experiment Wind-Up Unearthed

The Jon Experiment demands your vote to put them on the top of the Triple J Unearthed punk music charts

The Jon Experiment have spent over a month dominating the Triple J Unearthed punk charts, with songs ranking in the top three spots for the last five weeks. However, last week the Slurred Edge Superstars slipped to spots 2, 3 and 4, signaling what might be the end of their domination over Unearthed.

Bass player Loki Discordia had been getting votes in his own unique way: by verbally and physically threatening people to push The Jon Experiment up the rankings. Many fans and supporters are relieved that this reign of terror may finally be over.

Mannequin Republic asked managing director Tom Byrnes for his opinion on The Jon Experiment’s rise through the rankings. “It was a lot quicker than we anticipated but it’s been good for the band” Tom said, adding in regards to Loki “to be honest with you, we got really worried when he used to emerge from his house carrying around various weapons, like broom handles, but, on the whole Loki’s actions have contributed a lot. I am relieved in a way that we’re in a position now that he doesn’t have to keep threatening people.”

Mannequin Republic co-founder Ian Gnatz also commented on the situation saying “[they] deserved the run they got. It’s great to see how any of our talent measure up on the Unearthed charts and The Jon Experiment did us proud.” When asked to comment on Loki’s behaviour he replied “Oh God, yeah. I mean, he’s hitting children with fish?  I’m glad to be moving past that one.”

Tom Byrnes also agrees that this is a major stepping stone for the band. “Obviously, you wish it would last forever, but realistically that’s not going to happen. It’s great they lasted as long as they have on the charts. It just proves that they can match it with the best.”

You can still vote for The Jon Experiment by going to their official Triple J Unearthed site and rating their tracks. Registering to vote is easy and it only takes a few seconds!

Also, catch The Jon Experiment on Saturday May 21st as they rock the Prince of Whales Hotel for the first time since the infamous YouTube censorship video and on May 28th for Nevermind at Basement 243.

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