Take Ten With The Last Outlaw

Mannequin Republic got some insight with one of our featured bands, The Last Outlaw.  Cornerstone member and guitarist Jay Green shares his thoughts as The Last Outlaw continue to represent all that is good about southern hardcore in Brisbane.

What are you looking forward to most about this year?

Jay Green: Well now the apocalypse isn’t happening… I was hoping to fight some zombies, at least. But I would have to say: meeting new people and playing some cool shows.  We have heaps coming up to look forward to.  We are recording new tracks, doing a film clip, playing a couple of festivals (Bastard Fest and Whiplash) and on top of that, touring, hopefully, and playing interstate shows.

Why name your band The Last Outlaw?

Jay Green: The name came about from us wanting to change our old name (I Am Ninja) to something more appropriate for our sound.  Whilst having a band meeting around a bucket of deep fried chicken we tried to think “what’s southern?” and we thought of outlaws.  How ‘The Last Outlaw’ came to us got a little lost, but, we hope you like the name.

How long have you been a band and where do you see yourselves in the next year or two?

Jay Green: We have been a band since the end of July, early August 2010. So, not quite a year yet.  Hopefully in the next year or two we will be playing some bigger shows, touring this country and others and releasing some new tunes. Most important: having fun.

Musical (or non-musical) influences for the band?

Jay Green: Musical?  Norma Jean, Everytime I Die, Maylene and The Sons of Disaster, Haste The Day, Cancer Bats, Beyonce, As I Lay Dying, Kasha, there are so many to list.  All old school rock / punk.  We really love all forms of music and can draw influences from most genres.  Non musical?  Chuck Norris.  And beards.

What’s the scene like in Brisbane and surrounding areas?  What are some good venues you would recommend to catch a local band / artist?

Jay Green: The scene is OK.  I mean, there aren’t too many venues.  But, we do love playing shows in Brisbane. We will be venturing to different cities soon.  Good venues in Brisbane to catch a good local act would be Basement 243, Hot Gossip (usually Thursday nights), The Step Inn, Greenslopes Bowls Club and Sun Distortion Studios.

The state of Australian hardcore? Over saturated or thriving?

Jay Green: I don’t think its over saturated. I mean, look at any genre.  Have a look at indie for example.  There are heaps of indie bands.  But, the good bands will always make their way through if they work hard enough.  I love Australian hardcore.  So much talent here.

What bands would you love to tour with one day?

Jay Green: Good question!  So, so many from Australia.  I would have to say: That’ll Be The Day, Past Is Practice, Buried In Verona, Gathered Below, This City Ignites, Oceans Away or any other band, really.

International bands: Josh (vocals) would say Norma Jean. Jay (guitar); Maylene and The Sons of Disaster or Every Time I Die. Jon (drums); Cancer Bats and Grant (guitar); Britney Spears.  Haha.  Probably A Day to Remember.

What inspires you  to write?

Jay Green: Jerry Springer and a case of beer.

On vocals, Josh is usually inspired by life events.  He writes really well and his lyrics seem to apply to a lot of people, which is nice.

Myself, I tend to get inspired to write guitar by playing it.  I love playing guitar and trying new things. Jamming with Jon helps a lot.

Favourite bands?

Jay Green: Pretty much the same as our influences. However, locally: Gathered Below, This City Ignites, That’ll Be The Day, Past Is Practice, Wishlist of a Warlord and Oceans Away.

What would your advice be for new bands just starting out?

Haha.  We are just starting out, but, our advice would be: work hard.  Keep your head down.  Put on a good show and write good songs.  And be really, really, ridiculously good looking.

See The Last Outlaw live every chance you get, including the Common Ground Festival on June 25th to benefit the rebuilding of New Zealand and all ages shows at Shed 5 on July 15th and Sun Distortion Studios on July 16th!

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