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What’s To Come?- That’ll Be The Day

Posted on by Tom Byrnes

So recently I’ve been getting into That’ll Be The Day from Melbourne. If this is what Melbourne can produce in way of hardcore, then what other bands are there to be uncovered in that city? I decided to review their already released EP, “What’s To Come?” And I must say, it impressed me enough to write this. To keep it simple, I’ll do a track by track breakdown (pun intended).

Sail Solitude– It is simply a great way to begin or end an EP or even an LP for that matter. Not enough bands do this. Mostly instrumental, and it shows the depth this band has to possibly make in the future.

The Sty of Our Lives–  It offers the same brutality. To me, it’s not the best track on the EP, and it may lack some sense of direction. I couldn’t get into the song as much … more...

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Take Ten with That’ll Be The Day from Melbourne

Posted on by Tom Byrnes

Mannequin Republic sits down with founding member of Melbourne southern hardcore act That’ll Be The Day.  Clayton Nielsen (guitar) shares his thoughts on hardcore bands, the Australian music scene, putting on a live show and more, before coming up to Queensland for their first national tour.

What are you looking forward to most about coming up to Queensland?

Clayton Nielsen: We’re looking forward to finally playing interstate, of course.  We have a show in Adelaide before hand, so we’d be losing our interstate virginity, but that doesn’t mean there’s any less excitement at all.  We’re also really looking forward to playing with another southern hardcore band; The Last Outlaw.  There’s a brotherhood within genre and influence there we haven’t had yet.

Why name your band “That’ll Be The Day”?

Clayton Nielsen: Well, as shit as it sounds, it has a just as a shit story behind it.  I’ll … more...

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Take Ten With The Last Outlaw

Posted on by Tom Byrnes

Mannequin Republic got some insight with one of our featured bands, The Last Outlaw.  Cornerstone member and guitarist Jay Green shares his thoughts as The Last Outlaw continue to represent all that is good about southern hardcore in Brisbane.

What are you looking forward to most about this year?

Jay Green: Well now the apocalypse isn’t happening… I was hoping to fight some zombies, at least. But I would have to say: meeting new people and playing some cool shows.  We have heaps coming up to look forward to.  We are recording new tracks, doing a film clip, playing a couple of festivals (Bastard Fest and Whiplash) and on top of that, touring, hopefully, and playing interstate shows.

Why name your band The Last Outlaw?

Jay Green: The name came about from us wanting to change our old name (I Am Ninja) to something more appropriate for … more...

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Cheap Rock The Valley Tickets

Posted on by Mannequin Republic

Rock fans gearing up for the Rock The Valley Festival on June 4th need to know that if you haven’t bought your tickets already, now is the time to do so. If you get your Rock The Valley tickets through Mannequin Republic, you can save $5 off the normal price, making tickets only $15!

The Step Inn (186 Brunswick Street, Brisbane) will host 15 of the best live rock and punk acts, including The Kidney Thieves, A Family of Strangers, Blonde on Blonde as well as Mannequin Republic’s own slurred edge superstars The Jon Experiment and constant show-stealers Hack.

Doors open at 7:00 pm and the party will go all night long! Tickets are $20 at the door, so don’t be afraid to come in at the last minute, but contact us now and get your tickets for only $15!

Contact Tom Byrnes at [email protected] or grab … more...

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Thriller Still On and Still Awesome

Posted on by Mannequin Republic

Despite the closing down of Rosie’s to make way for a high class disco, the Thriller show is back on!

The new location is at the bigger and better Hotel Orient (560 Queen Street, Brisbane) and it all starts at 8:00 pm on Saturday May 28th. Come and hear three of Brisbane’s best hardcore bands: The Ailment, Torn Asunder and Road To Ransome from the Mannequin Republic roster.

If that wasn’t enough, Thriller is also the Destroy Music official after party. The Amity Affliction’s Trad Nathan and I Killed The Prom Queen members Jona Weinhofen and JJ Peters will be spinning their favourite tracks in the DJ booth.

Wait there’s more! Blunt Magazine is celebrating the release of their 100th issue with loads of prizes and free give aways!

Circle your calendar for the biggest night in hardcore music this month!

See more in our Events section!… more...

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